Lorival Smolski Chapuis

Lead Software Engineer at company Conta Azul in Joinville, Brazil

Hey there! Welcome to my website, I'm Lorival and I've two passions, my family and high-quality software development. Today I work as a software engineer in a SaaS product of real time accounting with high scalability and availability using mainly Java at Conta Azul

I love being constantly studying good practices, new technologies and simple ways to solve complex problems.

Professional qualification

Professional achievements

For the last 13 years, I've done a lot of cool things, I've worked on several web projects using .Net and Java technologies, and I've achieved several professional achievements, such as:

  • I led and developed a part of a high-performance and critical product that processed invoices from the company Brasil Telecom (BrT), one of Brazil's largest telephone companies and the largest internet provider in Latin America at the time
  • I led a team and participated actively in the development of Brazil's first real-time SaaS accounting product at Conta Azul, with the objective of serving 100 thousand clients
  • I participated in the development of a corporative .Net Frameworks and developed just over 30 corporate projects on them
  • I led and developed the Java Web development platform that Thomson Reuters would use to develop its products over the next 10 years at Joinville, Brazil
  • I participated in the development of a Java framework and developed 2 BigData corporate projects on it, other projects were built by other developers
  • I designed a platform for application development using augmented reality and gained government investment to create my first company and build the product
  • I had a second company focused on digital marketing for 3 years, with 20 employees, where I led the technology team that developed native applications for IOS / Android from UX design to store publishing
  • I participated in the development of 2 scientific articles focused on artificial neural networks, one of them being presented at ISA 2010 in Germany
  • I worked as instructor of courses and lectures related to software development, to private companies and government

And several other achievements as important too, because the challenges of the area of software development give us challenges and overcoming every day.

Companies that I worked for