How to create custom emails using DNS for free

You registered your domain, it has been hosted somewhere for free as GitHub Pages, Netlify, Firebase, Heroku ou Back4app and now would like to have an email with your name@yourdomain without cost? If you have a business, having an email like contact@yourdomain is excential. It is very easy and quick to do this and you only need to have access to edit the DNS of your domain! Let’s go to the tutorial using the Zoho Mail!

How to improve your English from scratch saving your money

The English language is fundamental to every technology professional. How to start developing this skill saving money? According to a well-known Brazilian magazine only 5% of Brazilians are fluent in Englishs, it’s incredible how many English schools there are in Brazil and so few fluent people, not to mention that 65% of them say they do not study because it is expensive. I’m not fluent in English, so I’m not part of these 5%, but I’d like like to share some study tips that I used or I use today to continue improving my English without necessarily going to a regular school.