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How to create custom emails using DNS for free

You registered your domain, it has been hosted somewhere for free as GitHub Pages, Netlify, Firebase, Heroku ou Back4app and now would like to have an email with your name@yourdomain without cost? If you have a business, having an email like contact@yourdomain is excential.

It is very easy and quick to do this and you only need to have access to edit the DNS of your domain! Let’s go to the tutorial using the Zoho Mail! =)

  1. Go to the Zoho Mail , enter your email and click “continue”.
  2. Fill in your details, accept the terms and click “continue”. After completing the registration process, you will go to the Zoho configuration setup, in the step of verifying that you really own the domain.
  3. Make the verification that you think easier. The least intrusive way is to edit your DNS and add a new TXT line with the text that is suggested by Zoho. In this case, it may take up to two hours to propagate DNS and you can verify.
  4. Now just follow the setup steps, that is basically select an email for you to use and then add the MX records to your DNS.
  5. Once the configuration is complete, you will have access to your e-mail through the link Zoho Mail.

You can download the Zoho Mail app on your smartphone and the web version is pretty good.

You can also create an alias to your email or even create a redirect using Zoho.

It’s a really simple process, Zoho is very intuitive, easy to set up and the best for free! =)

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